Perinatal Wellbeing Support

Minding Mother is a maternal mental health service offering women assessment of mood, appropriate interventions and support in their parenting role.

How it Works

Minding Mother is a home visiting service for women who are pregnant, have a new born or a child up to the age of 2 years old, who are experiencing postnatal depression, anxiety, difficulties in the adjustment to parenting, grief, stress or related concerns.

The perinatal period refers to the extended period of time from pregnancy till the child is aged two years old and perinatal mental health refers to the emotional health and wellbeing of the woman and also the relationship between the mother and her infant.

The perinatal period is a time of significant vulnerabilities and changes for women including changes in role, expectations, relationships, and identity.

These changes can result in difficulties in adjustment to the parenting role, depression, anxiety, trauma, fear, and grief.

Minding Mother comes to your home to alleviate the stress of getting to an appointment. A comprehensive assessment is carried out to determine your needs and from this a plan is put in place to support your wellbeing. Intervention is values based and strength focussed and uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) AND Acceptance Commmittment Therapy (ACT) to guide us.

Meet Shelley

Shelley Templeton with 20 month year old Everett
Shelley Templeton with 20 month old Everett


I am a registered Occupational Therapist with 28 years of experience working in a number of areas in the adult mental health field.

11 years ago, I was thrilled to be offered my dream job working within a District Health Board contract with women in the perinatal period, where I continue to work to this day.

Over the last 3 years I have furthered my knowledge in assessment and treatment interventions in the perinatal period by completing my training to become a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (University of Otago) and then completion of a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences at the University of Otago (with Distinction) specialising in the perinatal period.

I am passionate about supporting women in the perinatal period…a time of significant adjustment and transition in every women’s life.

I believe the perinatal period can be both a time of complete joy but also for a number of women a time of extreme stress and distress. Up to 15% of women will experience depression and up to 30% of women can experience anxiety, either antenatally or in the postnatal period.

You can access information from books or the internet, but I can walk alongside you and together we can weave a path towards wellbeing.


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Investment in your wellbeing is $120 per hour with payment via internet banking.


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